All Digital Agency, Munich, Germany.
Est. 2015 by Radoslav Pavlov - 'With All Digital Agency i want to give back my knowledge from the past years of entrepreneurship and help my customers to improve their digital performance.'



As a student, CEO and entrepreneur i have gained a lot of experience in Hospitality, Travel and Intercity Mobility. My passion for new technologies always helped me to drive innovation!

Twenty four years ago I moved from Bulgaria to Germany to finish my bachelor’s degree in management of tourism and started working in the service field at P1 to finance my course of studies.
At the same time i received my apprenticeship diploma as a gastronomical specialist.
​By being the best one in my job i developed very quick to a leading manager of Germanys most famous nightlife brand. In 2008 I became the CEO of P1 Inc. My dedication and longtime experiences through all departments provided me deep insights about the special characteristics of this extraordinary club. As a CEO I was able to take part in modeling the concept, planning and expansion of the temporary quarter in the famous and popular “Haus der Kunst”.

I was responsible for several business opportunities such as the P1 Bar, the P1 club and together with the team I contributed to animate the myth of the P1 and push the clubs development. I evolved many merchandising items for the P1 brand environment before positioning them successfully on the market. These items include also an own energy drink, the P1 Energy Drink, the P1 Perfume, the P1 Shoe Wear, the P1 Jewelry Collection, the own P1 CD compilation and the P1 Credit Card. By trying to push innovation in the club, I and a team of friends designed in 2009 a mobile POS system running on iOS devices. The media loved the new product (read more) and suddenly there were other bars and restaurants who wanted to use the system.
Long story short, since 2010 I am member of the board of Orderbird AG, a complete mPOS solution that is ideal for bars, restaurants and clubs.

With my knowhow as gastronomical specialist i was deeply involved in the process of product development and provided the team with professional advice on every important step. Now Orderbird is market leader in Europe and #3 in the world! (Thank you Jakob, Patrick, Bastian and Artur – I learned a lot from and with you! – Congrats to us on the 150M€ Exit 😉

On an entrepreneurial level I co-founded various companies and, as a Business Angel, I advise start-ups in building and growing their businesses.

After ending my career in the hospitality industry in 2013, I am now turning my passion about Tech and Internet into reality and am advising, investing and working with Startups from Berlin to Sofia. My very own baby BusExpress is the #1 booking platform for bus journeys in Bulgaria and Finnland (Perille.fi) and now expanding into new markets. Digitalents & The Porter and are some new Projects i am working on.

Lets explore the future!

With All Digital i am trying to give back and am helping with my team StartUps and Corporates to expand their digital activities.